Setup and Service

Here at Robinson Fuel we install and setup new burners. Additionally, we setup and install hot water boilers, hot air furnaces, hot water heaters, and fuel storage systems. If any of those need fixing or replacing we can help! We service and repair all components of the the base burner as well. Call us at (802) 878-4275for an estimate and more information.

These past couple winters have been very cold and the last thing you want is to have your burner fail on you! That’s all the more reason to get routine maintence done to your heating unit so you can stay warm this winter. Skipping maintenance means debris, oxidation, and corrosion can damage your burner. You wouldn’t want to be left out in the cold during the winter!

15 Point Precision Tune Up (Annual Equipment Maintenance)
  1. Test fire the unit to be sure is it in operating condition.
  2. Turn off the service switch to kill the power.
  3. Visually inspect the unit.
  4. Check the oil tank.
  5. Perform a tank inspection.
  6. Check fill pipe.
  7. Check the vent pipe.
  8. Check the oil line.
  9. Inspect the oil filter mechanism.
  10. Inspect the oil pump mechanism.
  11. Inspect the nozzle and firing assembly.
  12. Inspect the burner motor, housing, and fan.
  13. Inspect the transformer and cad cell.
  14. Inspect and clean the flue pipe.
  15. Clean the heat exchanger and combustion area.

This thorough checkup will help keep your heating unit running smoothly and minimize wear. We’ll let you know if anything needs replacing or if something is wearing out that we should keep an eye on. Common maintenance items are things like a new oil filter and nozzle for the burner. By keeping your unit properly maintained you’ll end up saving in the long run on repairs and wasted fuel.